Holy Trinity Medical Centre embarked on a Breast Screening exercise for Star Assurance, ADB and Best Point Savings & Loans

October since 1985 has been declared worldwide as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is the leading cause of cancer death among Ghanaian women and is therefore imperative that breast screening is done to detect the cancer early to save lives.

Breast cancer screening means checking a woman’s breast for cancer before there are signs or symptoms of the disease. All women need to be informed by their health care provider about the best screening options for them. When you are told about the benefits and risk of screening and decide with your health care provider whether screening is right for you and if so, when to have it.

Although breast cancer screening cannot prevent breast cancer, it can help find breast cancer early, when it is easier to treat.

In view of this Holy Trinity Medical Centre embarked on a screening exercise to screen some of our cherished clients and retainer companies.

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